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Ravana (the one who has ten necks means ten heads) is one of the main characters in the Ramayana. son of Thalas Tian and Mrs. Ratchada ruler of Lanka Formerly a giant named "Nonthok" reincarnated as Nontok. that washes the feet of the angels, those angels tend to rub Nontok's head until Lan Nontok has resentment at all Go ask for a diamond finger from Shiva. and hurt the angels who rubbed their heads Nontok killed the angels. Countless, causing Shiva to request Vishnu to come and help defeat Nondok for Vishnu to manage. with Nontok, by transfiguring herself into a goddess Apsara, in the direction that Nontok regularly walks through. The Giant Nontok, when she saw the shapeshifter, became obsessed and went into courtship. Mrs. Shift pretends Congratulations by submitting a proposal that Nontok dances with her in every pose and will be happy to make friends.

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