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CREATOR: @1984

Lid Lit artistry

Lid Lit Artistry is a collection inspired by the 80ies and Bladerunner. The colors remind of a time where things were futuristic yet oldschool. A perfect mix and match which probably can never be relived again. Remember the days of eating candy that look more dangerous than chemicals? Remember the oh so dangerous colored icecreams. This is a true memory of those times.

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What can I tell you, one thing led to another and here I am. Started from and now ive sold out a couple of projects both on Ethereum and on Binance. The art journey took me from one place to another and im still delivering. Trying. Trying my best. Home of The Famous EnterFam Bro´s. 1984 was the year of Stranger Things. It was also the year all of the colors came alive. What´s truly amazing is the exceptional themes, artpieces and fashion of this year. The edibles, the culture, the sounds all culiminating into the stuff I play with. My art isn´t just art, it´s a part of history. It´s where futuristic meets oldschool tomorrow...

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