We are enter

enter is an ecosystem of marketplaces and creative tools that helps artists, brands and businesses enter the blockchain world and create for the metaverse in a seamless and safe way. Meet our team!

Emilie Agerbak

Magician of possibilities

Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer

Karol Oponowicz

Pope of design

Design lead

Kim Andre Røine

Chief of company mission

Co-founder & CEO

Vitalii Maikovskii

Blockchain wizard

Senior blockchain dev

Eirik Hamborg

Champion of success

Support & artist contact

Frederik Pedersen

Head of culture

Chief of staff

Ada Ofstad

Sensei of help & happiness

Support & artist manager

Andrey Teplyakov

Master of fixes


Ida Aalborg


Language specialist

Simon Strumse

Head alchemist


Eteri Ayvazyan

Sorceress of structure

Dev team manager

John Rush

Prince of code


Sean Percival

Guru of advices


Therese Holter

Ambassador of buzz

PR advisor

Rasmus Herning

Full funnel preacher

Marketing Consultant

Eric Elvenes

Wizard of opportunities

Musical advisor

Irina Podolyak

Mistress of quality

Development quality assurance

Maxim Korshunitskiy

Dev ninja


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The Team

Behind enter stands a creative force of artists, specialists, advisors, and ambassadors. Our development team consists of serial entrepreneurs with broad experience in developing platforms and systems - both on and off the blockchain.

The world of NFTs is huge, ever changing, and sometimes a little scary. That is why we’ve made sure that you always can get assistance from our world class support & onboarding team at enter.help.

Whether we work with caring for the precious community or with developing new features for the enterverse, we’re all dedicated to facilitating frictionless connection and relationship building between artists, collectors, and investors.

The Idea

Creators worldwide have always had to sell themselves short to publishers and record labels, thus missing out on the value their work actually generates. Powerful industries have been in the driver‘s seat of success for too long - enter is here to change that.

By applying groundbreaking blockchain technology to the world of art and music, enter is turning the art, music, and gaming industries upside down. enter allows independent artists and musicians from all over the world to come together in an NFT ecosystem, providing digital scarcity of their works, securing royalties indefinitely, and completely removing the middleman from the equation.

The enter marketplaces allow collectors and investors to connect with artists and musicians in a world of art and music NFTs.


Community Team

The enter community is where users meet each other for the first time. This is where friendships start, collaborations take off, and where artists, collectors, and investors connect. To ensure that we provide a safe space for everyone, the amazing community team members are ready to guide you on your journey throughout the enterverse.


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Our community team:

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